SOLD *Reduced* Markbass Rig: Amp Head, 410, 115, Extras

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  1. Price:
    Up for sale is my gently gigged Markbass rig comprised of the following components:

    - Markbass SD1200 (
    - Markbass Standard 104HF 4x10, 8ohm (MARKBASS | Products | Standard 104HF)
    - Markbass Standard 151HR 1x15, 8ohm (
    - Furman AR-1215 Power Conditioner (
    - Behringer BTR2000 Tuner (BTR2000 | Tuners | Guitar | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Tribe)

    This rig has some serious power and tone, it gets the job done. I chose Markbass for their quality and relatively light weight amps and cabs (9.15 lbs for the SD1200, 56.66 lbs for the 410 and 47.84 lbs for the 115). The cabinets were de-badged by the previous owner, the logos in their place are from my previous band and will easily peel off with no residue (space age aircraft stuff).

    I will also include the following:

    - All the cables needed, to include 2 ProCo Fat Max Cables
    - SKB Road Case
    - 2 Handle Hung Guitar Hangers
    - Cart

    Please note, Destruct Switch will be removed prior to sale, for sentimental reasons.

    Asking $2200 obo, cash, local pick up close to I-94 near Battle Creek, MI. I am not looking for trades as the proceeds will finance other interests (unless you have a Carvin BRX 212 or MB12 plus the right amount of cash).

    A good friend has expressed interest in the SD1200 and 115 cabinet. If we go that route the rest of the items will be available separately and shipping will then become an option.

    IMG_20180605_181225905.jpg IMG_20180605_181243297.jpg IMG_20180605_191700357.jpg
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  2. I have sold the SD1200 and 1x15 cab to a friend and will be listing the remaining items seperately.