SOLD Reverend Mercalli 5

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Ridiculously cool and versatile, the playability on these Mercalli basses is as good as it gets. Bound and blocked tinted 5-piece maple neck and rosewood board, 9.5 pounds on the bathroom tattler. Solid korina body with a bound flamed maple top, as cute as a spotted puppy. 34” scale, 1 7/8” nut width, 3/4” spacing, 12” radius, Split Brick at the neck and Thick Brick at the bridge, all passive V / T / Blend, if I missed any of the desired details as I always seem to please send me a PM. In excellent shape with only some very light scratching on the back and pickguard, nothing that I could capture in pictures. Included is the classy two-tone tuxedo Reverend hard case also in great shape, $750 plus $25 to help dull the capacious FedEx pinch.

    09F398E5-E7FF-4CD8-8BC5-3FFF53E81C95.jpeg C5384A53-1A8C-4228-8439-8160A0C0D78F.jpeg B0D58516-1376-48AE-B07D-2100B9CBCF14.jpeg 69088501-BC4B-44AA-8134-3FDA53A0D865.jpeg 8ED8FE47-DA64-4243-BBB1-014819240A18.jpeg E440A22D-D6B4-478D-9589-06F17B123CE2.jpeg DE02A9FD-BBC8-478C-998D-C27A15ADA059.jpeg 89D97133-7FAF-4C7D-8573-6BA7B5671265.jpeg
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    Dang that went too fast.