SOLD RMI Basswitch Enhanced Overdrive (Distortion)

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    I bought this recently from someone who brought it from Germany; so AFAIK, this is actually the only one in the US at the moment. Lehle/RMI is known for their great quality and unique approach to gear, and this pedal is no exception. This is a bit more than an overdrive. It starts from about medium gain to melt-your-face distortion, and is the reason why I'm letting it go. It's just much more gain than I ever use at church. It's only been used very minimally and never attached to a board; and it comes with box and all papers.

    Here is a translated, 5-star review by Bonedo. It sounds just like the recordings there: mean, nasty, and slightly course-textured; from searing to gutteral, via the tone knob. The drive/saturation reminds me A LOT of the texture you get from the SAG knob on the Fairfield Barbershop as well as the Shift Line Olympic III, when diming the gain; so, this is very much a tube-flavored distortion. It sounds absolutely brutal and keeps whatever huge low-end you already have going on (it sounds amazing through the Shift Line cab sims), and is surprisingly very musical and dynamic for a distortion pedal.

    While I appreciate offers, I'm not really interested in trades at the moment.

    RMIEO.jpg IMG_20180505_230217035.jpg IMG_20180505_230149295.jpg
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    @handofseven and I tried this pedal at NAMM. It is a killer dirt box.
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    Paypal sent!
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