For Sale Rolls Midi Buddy

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  1. Price:
    Rolls Midi Buddy for sale. I've owned this for years - used it maybe twice with a quartet of Source Audio pedals. Worked great! I'm just not a midi guy at all.

    From the description:
    The Rolls MP128 MIDI footcontroller is designed to send MIDI program change and MIDI song pointer information on any of the sixteen channels. The MIDI pedal also features MIDI sharing and operates via MIDI phantom power, eliminating the need for irritating wall warts.

    Comes with manual and power supply. I will throw in whatever MIDI cables I have - pretty sure I have 5- and 7-pin 20' cables.

    Asking $50 + $10 shipping. Perfect price for someone just dipping their toe into the MIDI waters.
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  2. Still available! Just sitting here...not being used.
  3. Make me an offer! Nobody needs a near-mint condition bare-bones midi switcher?