SOLD Sadowsky 3-Knob Onboard Bass Preamp

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  1. Dezter


    Apr 4, 2011
    17B0B043-994E-4084-BF6B-B13B3719AD41.jpeg C3E0692A-2F8F-4FEC-AF85-69149C5E544F.jpeg 5D5DC95B-C77F-4A8D-849D-699CD69C8EFF.jpeg 9C085AC3-5884-4C76-B0E4-FD0557C0B0D2.jpeg F833D33C-5C65-4EB9-8DFC-806F9E1DAB8F.jpeg 3FB5DCAD-E9D7-42BA-91B6-A18592B23E29.jpeg C3E0692A-2F8F-4FEC-AF85-69149C5E544F.jpeg You are looking at a gently used Sadowsky 3-knob Onboard Bass Preamp completely prewired system offering the same preamp as all Sadowsky Basses. It was installed in my 75 reissue Jazz bass and sounded phenomenal! However I am moving in a different direction so I’m letting this preamp go. Priced at $200 FREE SHIPPING.

    This is a prewired drop-in for J style basses with a standard top-mounted input jack (not a side jack). No soldering required for installation.

    The 3-Knob Onboard Preamp has been designed for minimally invasive installation on most J-bass style instruments. The only modification required is a battery compartment, which can be hidden under a pickguard or routed in the back of the instrument. The Preamp can be installed with the included chrome control plate or easily transferred to another control plate or pickguard or installed in a rear control cavity.

    Controls are Vol/Pan/Treble-Bass (stacked). Pulling up on the volume control bypasses the preamp for passive operation. Pickups attach via solderless connectors at the pan pot. Direction of the pan pot can be easily reversed by which pickup terminals are used.

    Sadowsky recommends installation by a professional guitar technician or builder if routing and drilling for a battery compartment is required. We also recommend shielding the control cavity and pickup cavities at the time of installation.

    This system is not compatible with EMG or any other active pickups requiring anything other than a 250K or 500K volume pot. For these applications, please custom order a parts-only preamp kit and use your original volume pot.


    3-knob configuration, fits most J-style basses

    Chrome jack plate includes standard top-mounted 1/4" jack

    Prewired, for solderless connection

    Professional installation and shielding recommended

    For side-mount application, use the Sadowsky 4-Knob Preamp
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  2. Dezter


    Apr 4, 2011
    On hold - Pending :)
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