For Sale/Trade Sadowsky Custom Shop 24-5 Single Cut Bass mint

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by rwider, Sep 24, 2021.

  1. rwider

    rwider Supporting Member

    May 5, 2008
    Carpinteria, Ca
    United States
    For sale and for trade I have a Sadowsky Custom Shop 24-Fret Single Cut 5 string bass ($8K 9-10 months), very close to mint w/hardly any playing time and this bass plays beautifully (low action). Master Grade (beautifully flamed) Spalted Maple top with a sweet flamed Maple finger board and I have found the construction and beauty off the charts. I live in Southern California and would prefer a local swap but not necessary..... Trades: Sadowsky 5's (made in Germany welcome), Roscoe lined fretless 5 or equivalent (I might consider a 6 string) plus or minus cash. Price is shipped to your door in the CONUS and thanks for looking/reading!

    • Sadowsky Custom Shop 24-Fret Single Cut Bass
    • 5-string electric bass
    • 34" (864 mm) long scale
    • bolt-on construction
    • 3/8" Spalted Maple Master Grade Top/black veneer
    • chambered Swamp Ash Body
    • Maple neck
    • Flamed Maple fingerboard
    • Black dot inlays
    • 12" fingerboard radius
    • Sadowsky Just-A-Nut III nut (tedur white)
    • 1.875" (47.62 mm) nut width
    • 24 nickel silver frets
    • Sadowsky Soapbar pickups
    • Sadwosky Mid-Boost preamp with switchable mid-boost and trim pot
    • controls for Volume / Balance / Vintage Tone Control (P/P) / Treble and Bass (stacked)
    • mid-boost switch
    • push/pull function at VTC knob for preamp bypass
    • Sadowsky Light machine heads with open gear
    • Dunlop Recessed Straplock
    • Sadowsky bridge with quick string release
    • Black hardware
    • Sadowsky Blue Label 045 - 130 strings
    • Natural Transparent HP finish
    • incl. hex key tools and individual Certificate of Authenticity
    • Sadowsky Professional PortaBag
    • 8.1 lbs
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  2. beautiful bass. If I had more than one NYC Sadowsky 5 I'd try to trade with you.
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  3. KeithAxelson


    May 21, 2013
    Love This One!!! If It Was A NYC Custom Shop Id Take It Right NOW !!!
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  4. rwider

    rwider Supporting Member

    May 5, 2008
    Carpinteria, Ca
    I'm actually awaiting delivery next week for an custom NYC Vintage Single Cut 5 (Super J/J) from Roger but to be totally honest, this bass would not be up for sale if it had the Super J/J specs, the look, playability and the action, it's that good (I'm just not a Modern guy)!
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