SOLD Sandberg California II TM5 (North / Parallel / South) mod

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by gt96g, Mar 13, 2021.

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    Sale pending, on hold till next Tuesday.

    Up for sale is a Sandberg TM4 in very good condition. Actually liked this bass so much I decided to go ahead and order a custom from Sandberg. Which is why this one is available. Body is alder, neck and fretboard are maple. The bass is stock with the exception of a very small mod. I swapped out the stock mini toggle for a three position switch and it's now wired for north, parallel, south. You essentially have the original two humbucker tones with the option for soloing the bridge coil to approximate a 70's jazz sound. This very small tweak makes this bass extremely versatile. It's a great take on a modern fender style bass. Weight is an extremely comfortable 8.6lbs. Price is 1700, buyer pays half of actual shipping. I will provide an actual quote as proof of the cost. Comes with Sandberg gigbag and not seeking trades.

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    I dig it!
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