For Sale Schaller/Fender/Allparts Strap Lock Buttons

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    Changing my locks to Dunlops, so I have a bunch of Schaller/Fender/Allparts strap buttons that I no longer need.
    30 sets of Schaller/Fender/Allparts strap locks
    27 sets of screws
    20 sets of felt washers (mostly black)
    There are 3 black sets and one gold. One black set looks new, and the others have paint scapes from use. All of the chrome sets look as new, except one set with a little tarnish on the top. I will be adding a few more in the coming days. The gold set looks new.
    These range from $3 per set to $15 new, depending on brand. I have no clue which ones are which brand. I only know I bought some of each.
    Strap attachments shown are included. All buttons fit these attachments (Some off-brand buttons don't fit Schaller strap attachments.)

    Price includes shipping.

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