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    Up for sale is a beautiful Serek Lincoln (#23) finished in clear satin over a mahogany body. No dents or dings. Finish is like new with some pickguard scratches. Loving this bass, but I'm moving over to short scale basses, with an incoming Serek Midwestern 2.
    Weight - 8lbs 3oz
    Pickup - Novak BS-DS with coil tap
    Hipshot Ultra Light Clover Tuners
    Hipshot 2-point brige
    1 5/8”/41mm nut width - bone nut
    34 inch scale length with bolt-on maple neck
    Monterillo fingerboard, 12-14 inch compound radius
    Curtis Novak BS-DS w Coil Tap
    Serek/Levy’s gig bag

    Currently strung with GHS Precision flats - will also include a set of GHS Round Core Bass Boomers used one time

    Serek website new price - $2550

    $2300 shipped CONUS (PayPal confirmed)

    IMG_3729.jpeg IMG_3728.jpeg IMG_3723.jpeg IMG_3722.jpeg IMG_3735.jpeg
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    Feb 27, 2021
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