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    Jan 2, 2021
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    I'm living in Korea and through my Fedex account I can deliver it very fast.

    Serek Bass Sacramento is handmade by Jake Serek in Chicago.
    This thing reminds Rickenbacker's sound and design.
    With Curtis Novak pickup at front, it plays very fat and amazingly solid vintage sound!
    It's in perfect condition.

    Below is the sound of this guitar played by myself on iPhone11.

    For trade, I want Fender Ultra Jazz Bass, but please feel free to offer other.
    I use Fedex for international shipping.

    tempImagee56P3v.png tempImageSoeR3u.png tempImage3HNL1H.png tempImageSrClDF.png tempImage3MsAMj.png tempImage8R7Csd.png tempImageS8428a.png tempImagegtoPNR.png tempImagenILtQ0.png tempImage4vuArV.png
    Serek Basses Sacramento [SM-064]
    32" Scale length (USD100),
    Solid Maple Body
    Comp Stripes(Monterillo) (USD 150)
    Serek B90 (Bridge),Novak EB-BS(NECK) (USD350)
    3-way, Vol, Tone
    Maple Neck
    Monterillo Fingerboard
    Standard Inlay
    Lollipop Keys
    Satin Clear Finish
    Standard Gig Bag
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