SOLD Shaw Tube Injection Preamp w/ spare tubes

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    I bought this from Kevin Shaw after visiting with him and his son Ben at their home. Great people and an excellent preamp.

    Lots of folks say this, but I really mean it. I hate to sell this sucker. It's the best preamp I've ever used. I'm simply downsizing my live rig. If I tracked in studio, this would be what I used as a DI. It's amazing!

    If you are familiar with these, you know how good they are.

    I've include three NOS 12SL7GT octal tubes so you'll have plenty for the future. I've also included some 9v power cables which you can use to power a pedal.

    Here's all the details:
    Tube Injection PreAmp

    As you can see...$850 new and if you're in on that. Mine is like new, comes with extras, and no tax for my fellow Tennesseans.

    IMG_0598.jpeg IMG_0600.jpeg IMG_0601.jpeg IMG_0602.jpeg IMG_0603.jpeg
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