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SOLD Shen SB100

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by Whisper, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Whisper

    Whisper Supporting Member

    New York
    Shen SB100, 41.5" string length

    I purchased this bass in the Fall of 2014 in NYC and it's been very good to me. It's gotten me through a Master's degree at Juilliard and many gigs at all the major NYC jazz clubs.

    It has had a new bridge cut by David Gage, and soundpost adjustment by luthier Bruno Destrez. The string height is setup to Arnold Schnitzer's specs at G - 5 mm, D - 6 mm, A - 7 mm, E - 8 mm with room to go either way if you like. It has Evah Pirazzi strings (medium gauge) and a Full Circle pickup. It also comes with a new case. There was a crack in the neck heel that was repaired before I bought the bass. Everyone who has seen the bass has said that the repair is stable and nothing to worry about. In the four years that I've had the bass, the only repair it's needed is one seam that opened up so I can attest to the reliability of the bass.

    I really can't say enough about what a good workhorse bass is. The setup is great, it's easy to play and has a very even sound from top to bottom. I'm only selling it because I now have a much more expensive German carved bass and really don't have the room for two basses in my apartment - otherwise I would hang onto it as a backup instrument.

    Bass is located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Interested parties are welcome to come check it out in person.

    This bass can be heard on the album: Felix Peikli & Joe Doubleday's Showtime Band: It's Showtime! (Live)


    IMG_8419.JPG IMG_8420.JPG IMG_8421.JPG IMG_8422.JPG IMG_8423.JPG IMG_8424.JPG IMG_8425.JPG IMG_8426.JPG IMG_8429.JPG IMG_8430.JPG IMG_8431.JPG IMG_8432.JPG IMG_8433.JPG IMG_8434.JPG IMG_8435.JPG IMG_8436.JPG
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