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Shen SB150 For Sale - NYC $2000

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by jorscan, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. jorscan


    Sep 25, 2011
    For Sale: A 2008 Shen SB150 Hybrid Upright Acoustic Bass, 3/4 size. This is a fine chinese made double bass featuring a carved top and plywood back and sides. It has an ebony board, an adjustable bridge and fairly new Thomastik Spirocores on it. It's a lovely instrument with a very clean, clear tone. It's a new bass, it needs to be played and continued to opened up, but it's already a fantastic sounding instrument.

    I hand picked it in Shanghai China at the Shen store. I invested extra money to have an adjustable bridge put on it and to have the fingerboard plained. It has a couple small cosmetic dings but for the most part it is practically a new instrument. I am only selling it because I play my old Kay more often and I can no longer justify keeping two acoustic basses in my Brooklyn apartment.

    If you want to come play it, you are welcome to come here. I can also bring the bass over; serious inquiries only. If you live in the Tri-state area, I would be willing to deliver the instrument as well, therein saving the massive shipping costs.

    Below are links for the model, as well as a video of me playing it so you can get a idea of the sound of the instrument.

    SB150 SHEN DOUBLE BASS Samuel Shen Upright Bass - Upton Bass String Instrument Company

    Shen Bass - YouTube

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  2. Do you still have this thing? I am in the tri-state area...

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