For Sale Shure PSM 9

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  1. BaddaBING

    BaddaBING Supporting Member

    Jun 27, 2011
    Near Philadelphia PA
    FA89E4A3-CE9D-4CF0-804A-F376C1CB1B91.jpeg 36CA3F52-16C6-48D4-8F2E-97932AB6DCE0.jpeg 2B1F625D-918B-490A-A02E-67C1E4D0594A.jpeg B47D7F1E-0784-4C2B-9A04-AF38ACA8B6D2.jpeg B47D7F1E-0784-4C2B-9A04-AF38ACA8B6D2.jpeg 21E76FEE-20A3-49E3-8C61-F45F3D0125F7.jpeg FA89E4A3-CE9D-4CF0-804A-F376C1CB1B91.jpeg Shure P9TR-G6
    Transmitter and receiver
    With rack ears
    Works perfectly
    Minimal use
    Cleaning out the closet. Time to save someone else’s hearing!
    Located near Philadelphia and can meet within an hour drive. Not interested in trades. Cash and carry. Price includes CONUS Shipping PayPal ok
    Please email me directly at [email protected] Thanks!
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