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SOLD Sire V7 Vintage 2nd gen 4 String Ash Trans White $580 OBO

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by WhtMtnGrv, May 6, 2019.

  1. Price:
    For sale is my 2nd gen Sire V7 Vintage in trans white. The bass is in excellent shape, only one ding on the front of the bass- no other nicks/blemishes aside from standard swirling on the PG. Asking $580 OBO

    I’m selling because I bought the bass on a credit card when I shouldn’t have... and this card still has a balance, so I need some cash to to clear out some short term debt (story of my life). I also just dropped in an EMG PJ HZ set into my PJ build and I’m pretty smitten with the tone I’m getting, so I can deal with selling the V7.

    SoCal pickup only- I’m not willing to ship at this time. Bass does not come with a case. I’m willing to drive a couple hours in any direction to meet so if you’re in San Diego or Santa Barbara or something, we can make something work. I’m in northeast LA (El Sereno).

    Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any questions!

    Weight is 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

    Specs from Sire site:

    Body Material : Swamp Ash

    Body Shape : New Marcus Miller Jazz Type

    Neck Material : 1 Piece Hard Maple (Gloss Finish)

    Neck Shape : C-Shape

    Scale : 34”

    Fingerboard (Rolled Edges) : Hard Maple

    Fingerboard Radius : 7.25″

    Frets : Medium Small, 20 Frets

    String Nut : 4 String – Natural Bone 38mm width

    Binding : 1 ply Ivory

    Inlay : Black Block

    Neck Joint : 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate

    Pickups : Marcus Vintage-J Revolution Set

    Electronics : Marcus Heritage-3 with Middle Frequency Control

    Controls : Volume / Tone(Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle(Active / Passive)

    Knobs : Plastic Jazz Type in Black

    Bridge : Marcus Miller Vintage-S

    Tuning Gear : Premium Open-Gear

    Hardware Finish : Chrome

    Pick guard : Black





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