SOLD SolidGoldFX Beta Germanium MKII Bass Overdrive/Preamp

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    Nov 25, 2014
    Mint condition.
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    "Beta MKII Germanium is a specially tuned version of our original Beta circuit that features a quartet of NOS Soviet germanium devices giving you plenty of tube-like gain with a smoother, more saturated drive characteristic and just the right hint of fuzziness.

    Two modes of operation dictate the amount of grit and tonal colorization available. These modes are Preamp and Overdrive.

    The Preamp side disengages the Gain control for rounded, even-keeled preamp colorization. Both Tone and Volume controls are active in this position, for a subtle sweetening that you’ll never turn off.

    Flicking the switch to Overdrive mode reconnects the Gain control and gives you as much germanium fueled breakup as you could want, giving you harmonically-rich overdrive without being shrill or overly snappy. It sits just the way you want it to without overpowering anyone else.

    Due to the expertly voiced EQ of the Beta MKII Germanium, you can warm up any lifeless rig, boring recording console or sterile mixer with added harmonic complexity and grit all while retaining dynamics and low-end. If characterful bass overdrive is what you are after the Beta MKII Germanium is pure perfection."

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