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    I'm no longer gigging bass, and so I need to move my Spector in order to gear up for guitar. This is a 2011, I believe, Euro 5 in Green Quilt, with black hardware instead of the usual gold. It is a great playing and sounding bass, and I hate to part with it, but have to do what I have to do. Edit to add that it comes with EMG TW pickups with push/pull pots for split coil function, and a Spector Tonepump preamp with adjustable gain.

    There are a few minor cosmetic issues, which I've done my best to picture. Probably the most obvious is that some of the powder coat on the bridge was scratched off under the B saddle. This could probably be touched up with some flat black paint, like model paint, but I didn't want to hide it. On the back of the lower horn, there is a scratch in the clearcoat, but it doesn't go through to the wood. There is some buckle rash on the back, that is only in the clearcoat. I had a tough time to get it to photograph. Other than that, the bass is in great shape.

    The case, on the inside, is perfect. The outside has a couple of issues. On the bottom of the lid not far from the Spector logo, a piece of the tolex was torn off. I'd estimate a diameter slightly smaller than a dime. If you are looking at the case closed from the handle side, the front left corner has some scratches on it. That's the one place the cat got to, but it's not too bad. All in all, the case has plenty of life left in it and is still very protective and functional.

    I am asking a price of $1250 shipped in the CON US. Any questions, please feel free to ask. I will be out of town December 18th - December 21st, but I should still be able to answer you if you have questions. It may take me a bit to get back to you during those days, but I will. Thanks for looking!

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  2. More Pics...only posting now because I'm going out of town.

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  3. Bump for price change to $1600 shipped
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    Dec 19, 2014
    Maybe $1500?
  5. Pm sent
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  6. Still for sale
  7. Reduced price to $1500 shipped CON US.
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    Dec 19, 2014
    I want to buy it!
  9. SOLD pending payment
  10. Bass is still available for sale
  11. Price is now $1450 shipped
  12. Bump for price now $1250 shipped.
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    Does this have the Tonepump preamp in it? I'm very interested. That price is tough to pass up...
  14. Yes, its got the preamp with the adjustable gain on it
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    Might want to mention those are TW pickups. I'm assuming you have the push/pull volume pots for single/dual coil operation.
  16. They sure do. I Never used the push/pulls and completely forgot them. Thanks!
  17. SOLD pending payment
  18. SOLD!