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SOLD Spector (Kramer), Teal w/Korean HAZ

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by joeyoddo, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. joeyoddo


    Aug 25, 2009
    Santa Clara, CA
    4D27C40D-BBF1-4E39-9B17-C8FC155D68C8.jpeg You're looking at a Spector NS2a bass built in Korea, and completed in New York during the mid-to-late Kramer era. (Estimated to be 1988, based on serial number NS1088, located on the control cavity cover.)

    The bass shows signs of its age/usage, but the finish is mostly intact, with the exception a couple of chips on the treble side of the neck (pictured.) The side dot markers have been enlarged with white paint, which I'm told can easily be removed if desired. (also pictured) There is one screw missing from the control cavity cover.

    Although the bass is currently equipped with the active Korean HAZ preamp (vol/vol/bass/treble) and Spector passive pickups appropriate for the period, other preamps have been installed in the bass over the years. At one point, a 5th control (possibly a toggle switch) was installed, which was later removed. The resulting port was plugged with an abalone dot at that time. The remaining 4 controls have been fitted with abalone-topped black knobs to match.

    This is a fast bass, with low action, "hot dog" frets, and a partially de-glossed neck. (Please refer to the neck heel picture for an idea of the contrast.)

    Other distinguishing features of this model:

    • 3-piece maple neck (thru body) w/rosewood fingerboard
    • Fully Curved Maple Body Wings
    • Black hardware
    • Passive Spector P/J pickups designed by EMG
    • Spector NS-2A Korean active tone controls
    • 24 frets
    • Spector locking bridge
    • Dot inlays

    The popular forums (fora?) say this model is the closest you can get to an Amercan made Spector for the price, in terms of weight (8 lbs., 7 oz.), tone, neck profile, and body contour.

    If you specify so, I can ship this bass to you in a (relatively) new Spector hard-shell case. (Original Kramer-era case is not available.)

    94A72AC9-B60E-4EA3-88B2-D6346D532A5F.jpeg 389E3045-95EF-4775-94D2-9372AE3782E8.jpeg 00504DFF-9D8D-488C-9F42-13D00DF2FE88.jpeg D577453F-3D92-4CB0-85D2-9CABE3C6C0AF.jpeg AB4A71C7-DA37-4DBB-8F9F-CA11B35515D7.jpeg DE9EAC3B-C56F-4468-A452-6BF26D92A402.jpeg 3979187E-9FBF-4DC3-8D07-77AFC865468D.jpeg C4E829F9-8777-4F39-8279-2A4A6CF247D5.jpeg F8A80A79-E3FE-420F-8E49-E21627C033B5.jpeg 7A389751-F919-4025-9D50-96D6E997DF3A.jpeg 6EECE201-DD29-40DB-B5B2-1F1A7AF33DE2.jpeg C2F98815-68AA-45CC-BC97-DD5DE19E875B.jpeg

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