SOLD Spector NS-4CRFM (Pre-cursor to Euro) - Maple Wings, EMGs

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    '99 Spector NS-4CRFM (pre-cursor to the Euro series).

    Great condition for a 20-year old bass. There's a scratch on the back of the body (see pic below), a couple of very small dings on the top edge of the body and a few small marks on the bass that don't show up well in pictures. The brass bridge and tuners are a bit tarnished. Otherwise, the bass is in great shape. EMG pickups and EMG BTS preamp. Non-original case (not perfect size, but will be fine to protect the bass during shipping and extra padding will be added). I do have the truss-rod cover by the way. It was just off when I took the picture.

    These old NS-4CRFMs are great basses. Really close to an NS-2 with solid maple wings. This one has a super thin neck (front to back) which reminds me of a Kramer-era NS-2 that I used to own.

    $1100 professionally packed and shipped via UPS. CONUS only. No trades.






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    This is a killer CR-FM era Spector... solid maple wings... looks like a 35” scale version with the bridge kicked back so far.
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