No longer available Spector NS-5H2 - Buckeye Burl

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    Greetings TB-Land! Up for sale is my 2013 Spector US Bolt-on. I'm the original owner. Here are specs and instrument history.

    Spector US Bolt-on 5 w/ Buckeye Burl

    -SN 451 2/4/2014
    -Highly figured Buckeye Burl on Mahogany body (matte finish)
    -35” scale
    -3pc maple neck (naked)
    -Pau Ferro fretboard with Abalone Crown inlays
    -thinner ‘Alex Webster’ neck profile
    -17mm string spacing
    -Nordstrand Big Split @ the neck
    -Nordstrand MM 5.2 @ the bridge (with series/parallel switch)
    -Aguilar OBP-3 preamp (wired Vol, Vol, Mid (w/ push/pull freq), stacked B/T and Active/Passive switch)
    -Hipshot UL tuners and A style bridge
    -aluminum ‘Sadowsky-style’ knobs
    -OHSC in almost perfect condition w/ case candy

    Originally ordered in mid-2013 thru Todd Cooke while he was with Guitar House of Tulsa, and received direct form the factory in March 2014. The Buckeye top on this one is almost perfectly bookmatched and stunning to look at. After almost 4 years, I still notice new patterns in the grain. The neck has the ‘Alex webster’ profile and is almost a perfect mix of thin/fast and chunky. The neck came ‘unfinished’ from the factory, so the sheen on it is all natural from being played. It’s slick as ice!!! I originally ordered this bass with a single EMG MM at the bridge (pictured). In March of 2015, I sent the bass to the folks at Nordstrand for them to add the neck pickup and install both pickups with custom spacing. I talked a while with both Stewart McKinsey and Maurillo Mina about what would make this bass a ‘swiss army knife’. We went with a Big Split at the neck, they cut the route, and we went with an MM 5.2 at the bridge. We chose that pickup because I only wanted series/parallel and wasn’t as concerned with single coil operation, and since there are always 2 coils active, they cancel the hum. When I got it back, it was a completely different animal…in the best way possible. Also, I have the truss rod cover that will come with it as well, I just didn't put it back on after the last string change/setup.

    This has been my #1 bass for over 3 years. It’s always had nice low action and the thinner neck profile makes for a super fast neck. I’ve used it on roughly 100 gigs and is the bass I used on 5 of the 6 tracks of my bands album. I get nothing but compliments from fellow musicians, live sound guys and studio engineers. It’s not ‘mint’, but it’s still in pretty great condition IMO. There are a few nicks and bumps here and there and a few ‘glossy’ spots in the typical places that occur with a matte finish that’s been played. I’ve gone over the bass a few times in different light and snapped pics of the bumps I could find. All in all, this is an incredible instrument and it’s taken a lot of thought to even post it for sale. Honestly, the only reason I’m selling it is my need to go with a wider string spacing.

    Asking $2800 OBO shipped CONUS only

    Here are some pics
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    oh my....
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    The one I've been looking for....
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