SOLD Spector Rebop DLX5FM

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  1. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    United States
    Up for sale is a Czech-made Spector Rebop 5DLXFM that has a few choice upgrades. It's got that classic Spector growl, an incredibly tight and articulate B-string, is under 9lbs, everything works well (truss rod etc), and currently sporting medium-low action and capable of much lower. The red is much darker in person. It has some small dings and dents, thru the finish in one spot on the upper horn, but nothing you can see from a couple feet away or standing in front of it, and no cracks or spiderwebs in the finish and nothign on the neck. It's a bass that's been played, but well taken care of.

    35" scale
    Maple neck, rosewood fretboard
    The body is flame maple with an alder back and the famous Spector carved body.
    8.6 lbs
    EMG-HZ humbuckers
    Audere Classic 4-band preamp (Vol, Bal, stacked Low-Mid/Low and stacked Hi-Mid/High) @ 9 volts
    Duncan dual-design strap-locks
    Shipped in Spector padded gig-bag

    Previous owner moved the strap-button to behind the bridge, in a more classic position. after the pics were taken, I had a spare, so I put a second strap button back in the original hole, so you can see which position you prefer! Along with the ultralites, this one has great balance. I don't have the original hardware or electronics.

    Looking for $700 shipped in the lower 48
    $600 cash in Portland, OR.


    IMG_20200209_122517305.jpg IMG_20200209_122517305.jpg IMG_20200209_122141668.jpg IMG_20200209_122157393.jpg IMG_20200209_122214338.jpg IMG_20200209_122312236.jpg IMG_20200209_122353543.jpg IMG_20200209_122410192.jpg IMG_20200209_122438123.jpg IMG_20200209_122448451.jpg
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  2. Brendan


    Jun 18, 2000
    Portland, OR
    Quick update: A) one ding bigger than I remember, and a few more scuffs into the finish near the input jack than I fully recalled, so I took some updated pics of the two problem areas, and B) It looks like the truss rod and control cavity cover are missing one screw each.

    IMG_20220826_175925264_MP.jpg IMG_20220826_180339169.jpg
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