No longer available Spector SB-1 1978 Not Stock

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    Here's something you don't see everyday. A Spector SB-1 bass.

    The serial number is 233, which dates it as a 1978 handmade by Stuart Spector in the Brooklyn workshop.
    I picked this up last month with the intention to restore it or possibly modify it into a
    Gene Simmons replica SB-1.
    Walnut Wings, Figured Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard.

    The previous owner had the bass for 28 years. When he purchased it,
    It was not Stock.

    The Trapizoid pickup was removed & a J pickup was added. He did not know what brand pickups are in there now but they are passive. Vol/Vol/Tone.

    I added 2 DPDT mini toggle switches which are inactive at the moment and 2 new Volume Pots.
    I also added a front of body output jack which would be like the original setup.

    There is also a 2nd barrel output jack which was there when the previous owner got it.

    The P pickup had epoxy applied on the top at some point.
    The bridge is not the original Leo Quan Badass bridge but it has a Schaller bridge in its place.
    The Schaller Tuners are original.

    Recent high Vet bills & the passing of a cat has put my modification plan on hold and I need the $.

    The truss rod cover is not original.
    There is a small ding in the neck on the treble side between the first and second frets.
    There is an extra strap button hole on the back near the neck joint.
    The neck is very thin, which is great for playing, but it makes the neck somewhat sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. But the Trussrod works great with a 8mm socket wrench to adjust as needed. There is fretware which is expected from a bass 42 years old.
    It has tons of MOJO & sounds great. Weighs 9lbs

    The bass will ship with a Reunion Blues gig bag.

    Asking $1,300 shipped
    PayPal Con USA.
    PM me with any further questions.
    20200121_203121.jpg 20200121_201624.jpg 20200121_201349.jpg 20200121_201546.jpg 20200121_201514.jpg 20200121_201452.jpg 20200121_201303.jpg 20200121_201229.jpg 20200121_201713.jpg
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    Apr 21, 2011
    On hold
    Possible deal in the works.