SOLD Squier VM Jazz 77 Maple Neck Pearl Block Bound

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    Jun 13, 2012
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    91EA2B36-383A-40BF-94BC-01E010965104-10018-00000FCFD3B1BB59.jpeg 4C2EB7B5-BA8A-40D2-8911-694D8F54BA2F-10018-00000FCFD9FDD79D.jpeg 8440DCB3-F939-40B5-89A1-1AB39144B7B9-10018-00000FCFE1D8B4B0.jpeg CAD844EF-DD3B-41FD-BCEB-E0040097A12F-10018-00000FCFE6F6AC15.jpeg Up for sale is a Squier VM 77 Jazz Maple neck with Pearl Blocks and Binding in near excellent condition. Bought a few months back for a frankensquier project. It reminds of the MIM Geddy Neck, a great neck. Some extra holes on the heel for different pocket sizes but fits perfectly in Fender and Squier 4 hole pockets.

    $150 shipped
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