SOLD Status Graphite S2 for sale (Lefty!)

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    bOMKhuKr.jpg Hey there TB, I have a left-handed Status S2 4 string, bolt-on, fretted, 32" scale with Bendwell system graphite neck with Red front facing LEDs. There is a gloss finish on the the graphite. 19mm string spacing.

    The woods include a walnut center block, utile body wings, and swamp ash top wood wings. There is a black veneer separating the swamp ash and utile around the sides. The woods have Status' natural satin lacquer finish. The weight is about 8 lbs.

    The electronics are the standard for the S2 - 2 status soap bars with the status 3-band eq with variable midrange toggle, 18v active electronics.

    I have had the bass since late 2014. I am the second owner of it (third if you count Rob Green). When Rob initially built this bass, he promoted her at music events. The original version of the bass had a fretted neck with no LEDs. The original owner had Rob swap that for a fretless neck. I have since had Rob put a fretted neck with the red LEDs on it (late 2016)

    It's in great condition. There are only two main imperfections in the wood that are quite small. The imperfections are in the pictures.

    I've been looking into selling it as I do not use the bass anywhere as often I as should on gigs or practicing. It plays and sounds great - it has the signature status sound and feel.

    I'm looking for 1800€. Not looking for any trades.

    I have no problem shipping to the US or Europe, provided the buyer pay for the shipping costs.

    15 photos there^^

    Hopefully she finds a good home
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    Aug 17, 2013