SOLD Steve McDonald VD3204

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    Up for dale is my Steve McDonald VD3204 it is a 32” scale 4 string. Pink ivory top. Semi hollow/chambered(not sure what it is classified as.) one piece rainbow poplar body. Flames ash neck. Indian rosewood fretboard. Aero pickup. Custom Nordstrand 2 band pre. Wired volume(push/pull active/passive), stacked treble bass.
    Bass weighs 6.2 pounds. Comes with an older hardshell i thought was really cool and a red leather Italian strap i thought matched well. Bass has hipshot y tuners on it. One pic has the bass with clovers. The clovers were only in for a short time as it doesn’t fit in the case with the clovers.

    This bass plays and sounds great. I have no real reason to sell it other than it isn’t getting much playing time at my house.

    I have a ton of pics of this being built. I can provide them if someone wants.

    $1200 shipped. I’ll entertain best offers, but please no low balls. I’m not dying for the cash but i would like it to go to someone who will play the crap out of it. I’ll listen to trades, but I’m not really looking for any.

    Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    63ACC3B0-C8D9-465A-9A9F-54EAFA7ABB6C.jpeg 59F5B44F-2139-4F5E-8F26-B40DC8CFD095.png 0A2F70B9-FA54-47E9-859B-627AA131957D.png 714671D1-1BC2-44FA-A27E-E4884A4AD7EF.png 2F8FE525-99BC-40A5-9D2F-AD3CEED9DF4C.png 35766D4D-3F1F-4D11-BB89-A80E372E9E25.png 5039B709-DE88-4F76-8E69-C7BFE6F0E701.png 0DB82570-234D-4CFF-9510-82CC4AFB6652.png

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