SOLD Strymon Deco Tape Saturation/Doubler --Price drop $260

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  1. cvtonyd


    Nov 9, 2010
    Price Drop --$260 shipped CONUS.

    Like everything Strymon makes, this pedal is absolute top quality, super quiet, and built like a tank.

    it's a dual function pedal that provides (with separate foot switches) both a nice tape saturation overdrive as well as a chorus/flange/doubling modulation effect. details from manufacturer below.

    This unit has been sitting idle in my smoke-free home studio. it's been played perhaps 3-4 times and is in absolute mint condition with original box. I need the cash for something else or i'd be keeping it.
    I can provide a picture but the unit looks exactly like stock photos, no marks or scratches.

    From Strymon:
    Tape Saturation
    The “always on” effect.
    Give your sound the smooth and warm qualities of analog tape, along with the enhanced touch sensitivity and playing dynamics that are intrinsic to the inner workings of tape machines. Achieve incredible transparency at low levels, with reduced high frequency spikes and a harmonically rich low end. Turn up the Saturation to increase the amount of tape drive, dynamic compression and distortion.


    Deco is perfectly suited for a last-in-chain, “always on” sweetening effect. Everything sounds better on tape. Want to push the limits of tape beyond what was originally possible? Use Deco as a tape-style transparent overdrive—crank the Saturation all the way up to “peg the meters” and gently overload the machine’s input.

    Fatten your sound with tape.
    Go back to the early days of recording studios, where a few creative audio engineers discovered a new world of augmented sound by pushing the limits of studio tape machines. By inventing automatic doubletracking, they introduced echo, flanging, and chorus to the world of recorded music.


    Intensify and widen your sound with Deco’s Doubletracker controls. Turn the Lag Time to obtain classic slapback tape echo, spacious doubletrack chorusing, and mind-bending tape flanging. Add random modulation with the Wobble control and go from very subtle movement to more extreme undulations—just like having a recording engineer vary the speed of the machine.
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  2. bbh

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    Sep 27, 2011
    I have one but only used it on guitar. It’s a really cool pedal period. Love the Strymon tonality.
    I guess I need to try it on bass.
  3. cvtonyd


    Nov 9, 2010
    great too for studio--i can use a plugin to patch into my DAW and apply it to other things, even vocals, because the sound is so clean and quiet.