SOLD Sunn ((o)))) 18 cabinet- with original cover

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    Early 70s Sunn 1x18 cab, really great condition except the speaker is shot (pics below). It does still work and surprisingly sounds pretty good even with the speaker like it is, there is no noise and the jack is clean. The grill cloth is a little discolored but could probably be cleaned or replaced. I’m sure someone qualified could do something with it or put the time/effort into finding replacement but that person isn’t me and the box itself is so nice, I’d hate to let it just sit with me and not get used. Previous owner was the original buyer back in the day and he kept it in a non smoking environment and I truly believe age is the only thing that got to the speaker (except the dust cap, lol) Obviously it’s too big to ship, so I am looking for a semi-local pickup/meet. I am in the Tri-Cities area of Bristol/Kingsport/JC Tennessee. I’d be willing to drive an hour or two in any direction to facilitate a meeting. I put a price up but I don’t know honestly how much to ask and it’s just a jumping off point. I am super interested in other amps/cabs for trade offers also cheap basses, short scales, etc. let me know what you have and we can talk. I’ll post pics and get any information anyone needs.
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