SOLD SX Flying V aged white

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    SX Flying V that I bought and lightly modified over a decade ago. Selling it because I'm trying to get rid of the excess gear I have, and I haven't played this guitar in far too long.

    I modified it with a Duncan Distortion bridge pickup, and Planet Waves locking tuners, as well as Dunlop straplocks. I currently have it set up and tuned to B standard (BEADF#B). The truss rod cover is around somewhere, I will find it and add its picture to the listing.

    • 24.75" scale
    • Neck: bolt-on
    • Neck pickup: stock no-name humbucker
    • Bridge pickup: Duncan Distortion humbucker
    • Bridge: tune-o-matic style
    • Controls: neck and bridge pickup volume, master tone, 3-way pickup switch
    • Tuners: Planet Waves locking
    • Hardware: chrome, Dunlop straplocks
    • Accessories: strap and hardshell Gibson case.

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