SOLD TC Electronic Spectradrive (price drop / accepting trades now)

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  1. Price:
    United States
    TC Electronic Spectradrive in excellent condition. No dings or scratches. Velcro carefully put on without covering any labels so it can be easily removed if desired. All original everything included. Asking $135, CONUS shipping included.

    I will consider trades (+/- cash) for the following gear:

    - Cioks DC7
    - MXR M281 Thump
    - MXR M282 Dyna Comp Bass
    - Ditto+ (only the plus version)
    - Aguilar DB 599

    PXL_20211008_192005127.jpg PXL_20211008_192029989.jpg PXL_20211008_192144719.jpg PXL_20211008_192159309.jpg
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