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    Hey guys. Up for sale/trade is this rare pre Gibson Tobias Basic 5 String that I got recently through bass gear direct. This is the best 5 string I have ever played. Amazing build quality and a deep and present sound. Very good condition for a bass from the late 80’s. This is the last 5 string I will buy as since buying it I haven’t played it much at all and have just been playing my 4 strings. Nothing against this bass I’ve just finally decided to only play 4 strings from here on out and I don’t want to keep this as a collector when it’s still got a lot of playing that can be done on it

    Located in Melbourne. $3100 AU Plus Shipping


    late 80s, Pre-Gibson serial # 1011, neck-thru, gloss black, rare hard to find, immaculate, beautiful stable maple/purpleheart/maple neck, maple body wings, low action, full original Bartolini pickups and preamp, Vol / Vol / treble / mid /bass , active-passive switch. 4.5kg in weight but balances well. 34 inch scale. Sounds great in passive mode too. Has dunlop strap lock buttons, already had them when I got it. Not sure if they came stock or not.

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