For Sale Tom Clement #320 Jon 5-string fretless neck included!

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    For sale is my custom built Tom Clement #320 5-string electric bass. Tom is a great guy whom I had the pleasure of meeting at his personal luthier shop just outside Orlando, FL, USA a few years back when I had this bass built. I selected the "Jon" model, a custom designed single cut body. It is however, a bolt on neck. I originally had this bass made as a fretless, then turned into a fretted bass. The fretless neck is hard maple with a dark Macassar ebony fingerboard. The fretted neck is hard maple with a beautiful birdseye maple fingerboard. You get both necks so you can interchange them as needed. Both are beautifully made. Scale is 34" and the string spacing is a very comfortable 18mm. All hardware is black, bridge is a Hipshot "A" and the tuners are hipshot ultralight's. The knobs are Tom's custom black, with a ring of rubber around them for better grip.

    The body is African limba, a tone wood similar to ash. It's very solid. The body has a thin top of beautiful spalted maple. Tom did a great job on this finish, and has almost no imperfections whatsoever. All electronics are Aguilar (it originally had Nordstrand pickups, but I changed them out to Aguilar and it was a big improvement on this particular bass!), the DCB soap bar pickups were of the first batch of these pickups from Aguilar when they first came out, and the preamp is switchable passive/active, giving you tons of headroom and lots of tonal possibilities. I'm not 100% sure on the weight but I'm guessing right around or slightly above 9lbs.

    I have had this bass as a fretless and a fretted bass, strung with flatwounds and roundwounds, and also strung E-A-D-G-high C (one of my favorites for the high range!).

    This bass includes:
    The bass with the fretted neck attached, strung with Dunlop roundwounds to standard tuning (B-E-A-D-G)
    The fretless neck
    A set of GHS 5 string roundwound bass strings (E-A-D-G-C)

    I have made a DEMO VIDEO of this bass:
    1) Fretless (w/ Carey Nordstrand p/u's, NOT included):
    2) Fretted:

    You can also visit Tom Clement's website at There is also a great review of another one of his "Jon" fretless basses that Ed Friedland "The Bass Whisperer" did that you can find on Youtube. I love Ed and he has a lot to say about the bass he is reviewing, which is similar in many ways to mine as a fretless. I even had a chance to play that exact bass when I went to his shop in FL.

    This is a great deal on a very versatile bass. With both necks I paid over $3K for this bass. I simply don't play this bass often enough to keep it around, so I'm cleaning the closet and I unfortunately have to let it go.

    Free shipping to lower 48 USA states only please. Contact me if you are outside the USA or in Alaska or Hawaii. Returns accepted within 14 days of arrival if item is in original condition as when it arrived. All return shipping and handling payed by the buyer.

    I have just posted this bass on eBay and here is the link:
    Tom Clement #320 - "Jon" CUSTOM MADE 5 string electric bass **FREE SHIPPING** | eBay

    Please send me a direct message if you have any questions!

    Thank you,

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