No longer available TWA OCTOVERDRIVE - original overdrive w/ octavia

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    mint as-new in the box w/ manual, no velcro

    OCTOVERDRIVE™ - original overdrive w/ octavia

    All-Original Overdrive w/ switchable Octavia circuit:
    • 100% Original and Unique Drive Circuit based around obsolete SELENIUM DIODES.
    • TREAT channel – A thick, harmonically rich tube-like drive
    • TRICK channel – Adds a haunting, high-octave harmonic to the drive that retains low-
    • end while also boosting output level
    • Footswitchable channel selection with LED indicators
    • 3-band cut/boost EQ – Lows, Mids, and Highs
    • Dry Blend control - Blends clean signal with drive
    • Scary sounds with Guitar or Bass!
    • Jack O’Lantern LED display lights when pedal is engaged!
    • 9 VDC power (external power source required)
    • Mechanical True Bypass switching
    • Made in USA

    Cursed to clip for all eternity by a set of selenium rectifiers, the Octoverdrive offers two channels of diabolical dirt:
    TREAT – A thick, harmonically rich tube-like drive with the perfect degree of compression. Treat goes from creepy crunch to ghoulish gain with eerie ease.
    TRICK – Adds a haunting, high-octave harmonic to the drive signal. Unlike other Octavia’s, the Octoverdrive retains low-end while boosting output level, effortlessly raising your guitar tone from the grave.

    The Octoverdrive also features a 3-band cut/boost EQ circuit to hack and chop your tone to pieces. For the faint of heart, there’s a Dry Blend control to add a touch of purity to the Octoverdrive’s evil goodness.

    USPS Priority shipping included in the CONUS.
    Venmo, Zelle or PayPal payment only.

    DM w/ questions, Thanks!
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