SOLD Two Notes Le Bass Tube Preamp DI

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    North Carolina
    I have a Two Notes Le Bass Preamp DI for sale.

    This unit is like new and was just recently purchased from GearNuts. Everything works like new. No velcro. I only tried this in my home and took to 1 rehearsal at church.

    Great sounding 2 channel tube preamp / di that has endless combinations. The A Channel is clean and the B Channel has more gain on tap and will get as dirty as you want. You can blend the 2 channels or stack them.

    Also has many more features with MIDI and Speaker Sim and Headphones out as well as an effects loop.

    Includes original power supply and will ship in the original box with manual.

    Asking $225.00 with free shipping anywhere in the CONUS. No international shipping please.

    PayPal accepted.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Manufacturer's Information Here: Le Bass | Two Notes Audio Engineering

    20161201_230302.jpg 20161201_230156.jpg 20161201_230205.jpg 20161201_230220.jpg 20161201_230228.jpg 20161201_230235.jpg 20161201_230249.jpg 20161201_230318.jpg 20161201_230338.jpg 20161201_230346.jpg
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    Jan 1, 2016
    It's an awesome pedal

    Greta buy for whoever gets it
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  4. All PM's replied to. Lots of interest so far.
  5. This one has been sold.

    Thanks for your interest everyone!