SOLD Two vintage five string sets of TI Flats

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    May 4, 2009
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    I haven’t had these on a bass in six months so it’s time to send these to a new home.

    Here’s the deal, I bought a fiver in 2004 which was wearing a long scale set of TI flats and the seller told me they were about six years old. Then about five years later I went to put them on a 35” scale bass with a different head stock arrangement and one or two were too short, so I bought an extra long scale set so I could put them on anything. They have been on countless basses, Sound great, feel great and broken in beautifully.

    Both g’s are cut and one of them will get three quarters around the g post on an in-line four. I used it like that for about two years and it was fine. The other G has a slight imperfection around the second fret. Never bothered anything and you can barely feel it but full disclosure. So that’s it $76 shipped ConUS priority.
    74186308-825B-46FB-99A3-6C70ADBAAB2D.jpeg 15647529-CADB-4EAF-A958-681CBE463E47.jpeg F2802CC6-1F67-4292-8D14-3842BAF6CA20.jpeg
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    May 4, 2009
    Iona, Florida

    G with imperfection, not a kink.