SOLD USA Peavey Foundation 5 - Black/Maple Beauty!

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    I have a Bass Hoarding issue. I’m trying to get over it - need to thin some gear. Selling some excellent instruments.

    All prices are not including shipping, but I’d be willing to split shipping on any of them.

    Peavey Foundation 5 - Black and Maple - passive J bass style bass with huge ‘Jazz on Steroids’ tone. Great bass - average weight, super stable. Put this next to a US Standard Fender and you won’t find any difference in build quality. $250

    Excellent condition. I take care of my gear!

    I can get better pics- just wanted to get this up and posted! B7674C11-3F8E-4B0E-9E78-366977937140.jpeg
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    May 2, 2000
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    I own the sister to this one. A word of warning...if you buy this bass you will be in danger of becoming a Peavey Bass fanatic. Most of us started this way. One Foundation came my way and now I own 7 Peavey basses.

    You have been warned!

    Seriously, the only other basses I can think of that have similar feel and great tone are G&L L 2500's. The necks feel similar to me...the electronics are very different but I think you will be shocked at how good the Peavey sounds. It is a killer USA made bass for less than a Squier.