No longer available video games for guitar, bass and/or effects

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    May 13, 2001
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    If anyone is interested, I have a lot of old video games/systems that I would like to trade for bass stuff.

    I have
    Nintendo Entertainment System, full system with bunch of games.
    Sega Genesis, model 2, full system with bunch of games.
    Sony PS1, ( 2 systems. 1 normal, 1 portable with built in screen) plus a TON of games
    Sony PS2, 1 system with accessories and ton of games
    Sony PS3, 1 system, bunch of games
    Original xbox, 1 system, bunch of games.

    I'm looking for 5 string bass, maybe 4 string (no p-basses).
    Line 6 m9, multi- fx unit (only if it has looping capabilities).