SOLD Warmoth PJ Pearl White loaded body

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    Up for sale is a beautiful Warmoth PJ Pearl White loaded body in excellent condition.

    Bought this Warmoth PJ Pearl White loaded body from another great TBer. It comes loaded with EMG PJ Geezers, new Fender bent bridge, Tort Pickguard, jazz knobs, Schaller strap buttons, and Fender neck plate/plate cushion/screws. This one sounds like the best of both worlds with beefy P sounds and sizzle with the J pickup - got lots of compliments from other bass players. Only blemishes are a little area near the pickguard, light scratch on the upper edge, and some chips near the neck pocket - nail polish included (all pictured). Weight is 6 lbs on my scale. All you need is a neck and strings.

    Also, I do have a White Pearloid pickguard available if you would prefer that to the Tort guard.

    $345 shipped CONUS

    IMG-5783.JPG IMG-5783.JPG IMG-5784.JPG IMG-5786.JPG IMG-5787.JPG IMG-5788.JPG
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    20180423_133113.jpg Beautiful! I also have one, I put a D'andrea red pearloid guard on it with white pup covers and a white tug bar......yikes!
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