SOLD Warmoth Roasted Maple Short Scale Neck (30")

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    Sep 21, 2022
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    Warmoth Short Scale Bass neck. 30 Scale. 6105 Stainless. Roasted Maple shaft and fretboard. No Inlays. Satin finish (smooth as hell). As much as people talk about "raw" roasted maple you want to get it finished most of the time... well at least I know I dont want my sweat on any type of raw wood. Graphtech Black Tusq Nut pre installed. About 3 years old, only ever played with tapewounds so there will be no wear (but even with roundwounds they are SS frets so nothing to worry about)

    Great cheap way to start the ultimate short scale build!! All roasted maple WITH finish so the most stable neck you can buy. This would cost at least 400 on the warmoth builder, even with the cheapest in stock (not even roasted maple starting at 285, after adding the graphtech nut, clear satin nitro, and stainless frets you are at $417)

    (pictured with the tuners but it doesnt come with the tuners they are already installed on the fretless neck I replaced this one with).

    PRICE DROP 195 is the new price. You pay the paypal fees if G and S, I pay the shipping. I can link my reverb shop with over 150 5 star reviews and even list it there if you want but then ill raise the price by 7.5 percent so I dont recommend that route unless you only feel safe buying on reverb.

    This is a steal.

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  2. Hi. What is the nut width on this guy?
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    Sep 21, 2022
    1-1/2" (38mm) - J BassĀ®

    Its the only width they use on short scale.
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    Sep 21, 2022
    PRICE DROP!!! 195 till my supporting member status runs out just applied for a month to post a couple things. Thanks friends!