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SOLD Warwick Corvette 5 (Germany, Wenge) Price Drop

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by The Ryantist, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Price:
    Hello All,

    I'm selling my 1999 Warwick Corvette 5 String.
    It features a wenge neck, bubinga body and weighs somewhere between 10.5 and 11 lb - a little on the heavy side but sounds killer. Also most of the weight is in the body so it balances well - no neck dive!

    It's in great condition and has been well taken care of. I picked it up last year from another TBer. Normal playing wear but no major dents or dings. Plays great, straight neck, low action.

    I have swapped out all the hardware from chrome to black. Yes ALL the hardware including the neck screws. All replacement hardware is genuine Warwick parts except the jack (Switchcraft) and straplocks (Schaller). One note is that the new knobs were slightly shorter so I had to file down about 1/8 inch off the pot shafts, but this cannot be seen without taking off the knobs.

    I will include a gig bag, strap, and black Schaller straplocks. I also will include all the original chrome hardware that came on the bass.

    ***Forgot to mention this one has a 9V 2 band active preamp with an active/passive push/pull volume pot.

    Was $1075, now $900 shipped CONUS.

    I cannot accept trades at this time.

    Outdoor pics:






    Indoor pics:






    Last edited: Jun 16, 2014
  2. Neuroman

    Neuroman BHPD - Forget about me. Save yourselves!

    Oct 17, 2013
    Sunol, CA

    Bump for a really beautiful vette. This bass looks like it is in amazing shape for a 15 year old axe! AND love the wenge neck. This baby must growl like a pissed off bear!:D
  3. bongostealth

    bongostealth Supporting Member

    Jun 3, 2011
    Atlanta, GA
    This thing is insane! If only it were a 6er..... :crying:
  4. moe.moe

    moe.moe Supporting Member

    Jun 22, 2008
    These babies are simply AWESOME!!!

    I am proud to say that I own four WICKS and currently working on my fifth (Thumb NT)

    (((( but don't tell my wife ok guys! )))) :)

  5. sleevey55

    sleevey55 Supporting Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    Billings Montana
    Man, thats one sick bass!!!!!!!!
  6. Anti Manifesto

    Anti Manifesto

    Dec 17, 2008
    Do a barrel roll!
  7. PM sent
  8. PM replied. Still available!
  9. Some nibbles but no bites...still available!
  10. Neuroman

    Neuroman BHPD - Forget about me. Save yourselves!

    Oct 17, 2013
    Sunol, CA
    My goodness. This baby is still here? I think my Wenge fettish is acting up:help:

    Beautiful bass!
  11. sleevey55

    sleevey55 Supporting Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    Billings Montana
    This is my old bass and for a 1999 model, they don't get any better. Its in amazing condition!
  12. SOLD
  13. Rudi van Disar

    Rudi van Disar Supporting Member

    May 11, 2013
    Mine! Thanks again, brother!