SOLD Warwick Corvette Proline (German) 4- Blue w/ gold hardware

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  1. Mr Dalton

    Mr Dalton

    Aug 2, 2016
    United States
    Warwick Proline Corvette- Made in Germany, 2001 model. Bass is in very good shape for being twenty years old. Not much play wear; frets are in perfect condition; electronics (active and passive via push pull volume pot) work like new, definitely give the Warwick growl. The only visual blemish is on the headstock (see pictures), not immediately noticeable and doesn’t affect playability but it is there.
    -All original (MEC pups, adjust-a-nut, 2 piece 3-d bridge, brass frets, Warwick ergonomic tuners)
    -Ovangkal neck, wenge fretboard, ash body from what I’ve read
    -Comes in Gator Cases padded gig bag
    Only real interest I’d have trade wise would be high end Peavey USA (Cirrus, Millennium, Sarzo, Palaedium), other than that, looking to sell. Thanks TB’ers!
    2EA3B074-8669-47FA-B44B-1ADDA368CE14.jpeg 3DB46E92-35D7-4E78-BF4D-5464D0060D15.jpeg A169BA89-C1BA-4112-954B-C850CBB6F7DA.jpeg 4F07BBB6-5B5D-418D-9E8F-40BE9FD5F580.jpeg 45E98BC2-90D7-4426-8E66-5BAABEF36D73.jpeg C8719286-D7A4-41F0-974C-B39588F619D3.jpeg
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  2. That’s a beauty! How much does it weigh and does that price include shipping?
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  3. Mr Dalton

    Mr Dalton

    Aug 2, 2016
    Yep, shipping (USPS) included. Looks like 8.9lbs according to the bathroom scale.
  4. Thanks, I’m looking for one a little lighter. GLWTS
  5. cwchristopher


    May 8, 2016
    How’s the neck relief? Trussrod good?
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  6. Mr Dalton

    Mr Dalton

    Aug 2, 2016
    cwchristopher & TB’ers,
    Sorry guys, just got this one traded. Thank y’all for looking!
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