Warwick FNA LTD 2004 5 string bass

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  1. I am downsizing my bass collection quite substantially lately, and focusing on basses that I do not play anymore. This bass is absolutely amazing, but it spends most of its time playing third fiddle to my two other Corvettes. With that in mind, I think it is time to sell.

    Now, this bass was one that took me a very long time to track down. At one point, I had most of the LTDs up to the year 2006, and this one was probably the hardest to get, maybe second only to the Bleached Blonde 5 string Thumb. Now, I would occasionally stumble on a 4 string variant, but I wanted the 5 string. The people who I found who had the 5 string ones, just didnt want to let them go. Finally I found one and jumped for joy, but over time I have played it less and less. So, its time for new ownership! Also, I have the COA stashed away somewhere safe, so I will be including that!

    Price: 1600 USD OBO plus shipping

    If you are an international buyer, please keep in mind what shipping will cost as I will UPS AND you will most likely have import duties to deal with.

    Here are some pictures:




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  3. These are killer for sure!
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    I have a 4 string FNA. I wish I could get a 5.
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    You out there?????