SOLD Wayne Jones WJBA 2000 Watt Amplifier *FREE WITH CABINETS!*

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    FREE “IF” :) - IF YOU BUY BOTH OF THE CABINETS! - If you take them for $900 -I will include this WJBA2000 amplifier, which is selling for $1500 new on Waynes’s website for FREE. The backstory- I previously sold it and it was damaged in transit. The buyer returned it and I gave the money back. I contacted Wayne Jones, and he thinks it is repairable. It powers on without issue, there is still audio, but the mute switch is loose and audio cuts in and out. This is a great deal for someone who is electronics-savvy to try out a serious rig with little risk - you will essentially be getting a free 2000 watt amp that can VERY likely be repaired and functioning along with the two cabinets! SERIOUS INQUIRIES PM FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS.

    WJ 2 x 10s for sale here- For Sale - Wayne Jones WJ 2 x 10 Passive 700 Watt @ 8 Ohms Cabinet

    Original Post:
    Loving this amp but am moving it along with the WJ cabinets that I am selling- I may come to my senses and close this, but will test the waters. Plenty of clean headroom and in as new condition. It doesn't get much better than this- 2000 watts at 4 or 8 ohms. Used at only one gig and I am the original owner. You really need to hear this - it looks amazing and will reproduce whatever you put into it- just amazingly clear and GREAT sounding head.

    Specifications per Wayne's web site:

    WJBA Bass Guitar Amplifier 2000 Watts with all the features and controls of the WJBPII Twin Channel Bass Pre-Amp built right into the head and yes, 2000 Watts into 4 or 8 Ohms!

    2 x’s 1000 Watt State of the art Class D power amp modules
    Each 1000 Watts RMS into either 4 or 8 Ohms. Same 1000 Watt output for 4 & 8 Ohms
    Stand by & Mute switches


    • 2 Independent channels that also can be used together
      Channel 1 – 1/4” stereo/mono input
      Channel 2 – Has the option of phantom power or just use it as a second channel
      2 XLR balanced pre-amp outputs
    • 2 Input gain level controls with -10dB pad & Input clip Indicators for both channels
    • Optical compressor with level
    • 6 band EQ plus 30hZ boost
    • Stereo pan control (for use when using 1 or 2 outputs to 1 or 2 WJ 1000 Watt Powered 2×10 cabs)
    • Channel selector Independent volume control of both channels
    • Master Stage volume Pre amp Output Indicator
    • IEC power connection to mains
    • Addition of both left & right Pre amp outputs as well as master outputs
    • 2 Speakon output connectors
    • Outside power supply to ensure studio quality noiseless operation, switchable 115/230V
    • DI Output – Stereo XLR balanced outputs out with Level control, pre or post EQ button & 1/4” unbalanced. Works in conjunction with the pan control
    • Stereo/Mono FX loop
    • Foot switch mutes all output for silent tuning
    • DI pre or post with level control
    • Ground Lift for DI
    • Aux in – 1/4” or mini jack
    • Headphone out with level control
    All master outs can be used together as a pair or Individually with balance control set to the respective output.

    FX Send & Return – Stereo or mono.

    Foot switch – Mutes all output

    DI Output – Balanced XLR out with level control, pre or post EQ button & ground lift.

    Aux Input – Stereo input, mini jack & 1/4” Phono. You can use this to plug items such as iPad, iPhone backing tracks etc. to play along with.

    Headphone With Volume Control – Plug in your headphones to practice with.

    Dimensions – 15.3 x 15 x 5.5 inches, 22.5 lbs.


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    That looks so cool!
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