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    Dec 26, 2014
    This is my first time listing/selling on Talkbass so bear with me.

    I'm selling my Xotic X Blender. I've loved having this pedal for creating a second loop for a really OD driven signal that can allow me to have one blend for my dry signal across a few OD's and fuzzes that didn't have a blend and to have a loop that was always on that I could switch to when needed easily. But, I no longer need it as I've got a whole different switching system being set up.

    I don't have the box for it sadly and it has as you can see some residue from the velcro that was on it. Also the cut/boost toggle for the volume was seemingly wired reverse by the company. Works fine, just the switch is opposite the label. Can also sell it locally.

    Asking $100 including shipping CONUS. Paypal only please. Will entertain trades, i'm looking for Octave and Envelopes.

    Lowering the price already to $100 because that seems more in line with some that have sold recently. 20180620_150008.jpg

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