SOLD Xotic XP-1T 5 $1,200

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Emanuel, Dec 19, 2021.

  1. Emanuel

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    United States
    IMG_8673.JPG IMG_8919.JPG IMG_8920.JPG IMG_7723.JPG IMG_8921.JPG IMG_8674.JPG IMG_8675.JPG IMG_8677.JPG
    I'm not into writing a commercial, most folks here know about these instruments. Extremely well made in Japan with a very traditional feel and look. Simple and comfortable but elegant to hold and play. The on board Pre-amp with Active/passive option is absolute gold.
    Alder Body. Maple/Rosewood neck.
    19 mm at Bridge (adjustable).
    34" Scale. 9.8 Pounds.
    Structurally perfect. Truss rod completely functional. No neck/fret issues whatsoever. Ive had flats or tapewounds on it 95% the time. Currently has med gauge LaBella flats on it. Cosmetically very good condition IMO with some "war paint" I consider minor. I'm a player and I've played the s**t out of this one cause its great. I am the second owner of this bass, it was purchased directly from Japan thu Danny at BJD and I received it basically unplayed. It comes with the regular Xotic gig bag but its not the branded Protec one. comes with the paperwork. $1,200 you pay shipping. CONUS.

    The only thing that I would consider as part of a trade would be a used iPad with cellular capability. Doesn't have to be fancy but larger than iPad Mini, with a healthy battery and 64g memory as a baseline. More is better. It is just for work; field report writing, email and to make a number of pdf books available. Id previously been using an iPad Air2.
    IMG_8919.JPG IMG_8920.JPG IMG_7723.JPG IMG_8921.JPG IMG_8674.JPG IMG_8675.JPG IMG_8677.JPG IMG_8673.JPG
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  2. pedulla-2007

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    Sep 2, 2008
    The pre is what makes this bass so special. GLWYS.
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  3. lala

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    Jul 16, 2014
    Superb bass! Lucky buyer.
    I have one just like this ( a 4 )and love it!
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