SOLD Yamaha BB1500A - Rare closet queen, DEAD MINT.

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    I just snagged this mint BB1500a. It's basically like new, with only the tiniest bit of fretwear (we're talking a couple of weeks tops with SS strings). There is not a single blemish or mark on the body / neck / headstock from what I can tell.

    This bass is has a fantastic 70's jazz vibe, and a dead quiet and unique pre. The bass / treble are standard fare, but there is a dual midrange selector, and the preset selections can be adjusted to either cut or boost mid range frequencies that you dial in from within the control cavity. I have it set up for a mega scooped sound, and a throaty finger style setting. There's also a third setting that is flat.

    As fantastic as the bass is, the 70's jazz sound is just not my thing. I've always wanted to try a bass in that vein, and now I have. The bucket list has now been revised!

    I've listed a straight sale price (Paypal, shipped), but I"m open to a couple of possible trades. I'm really into zingy / open / active sounding instruments lately, so that's what I'm interested in:

    Yamaha BB734a
    Yamaha BB735a
    Yamaha BB2004
    Aria Pro SB Integra
    Yamaha BB604 / 605
    Yamaha TRBX604(5)FM
    Yamaha BBG(X)

    I'd also consider something Fender / Fender like, but it needs to have a jazz neck (38mm / 1.5" nut width) and either be 60's position jazz pickups, or a PJ.

    Thanks for looking, take care!
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