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Yamaha TRB-6P -- 6string bass $1400

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by kuuuuuj, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. kuuuuuj

    kuuuuuj Low end of the Lotem Pole

    Sep 12, 2008
    It's a tragedy for me to announce that I've decided to sell my TRB-6P bass. This bass has been kept in outstanding condition and has never played better. I recently had the bass set-up by Norik Renson (look him up, he's insane!). This instrument has delivered time and time again from rock gigs, to soul gigs, funk.... whatever you got! One of the most versatile basses I've played which explains why I've held on to it for so long. Also have Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and buttons installed in matching gold finish, but still have the original buttons as well.

    You'll find a picture of the body itself as well as a bunch of pictures in one showing the condition of the bass. I have been so careful with this bass through the years and even the case is in excellent shape. You'll find a couple of pictures in the collage of the two areas that have any finish flaws. Two small knicks on the top edge of the body and a small scrape on the edge of the headstock. You'll see just how minor they are. Other than some minor scratches on the electronics panel cover, the finish is absolutely perfect. I'm asking $1400. I am willing to ship but must have fully insured and buyer pays shipping. If you're interested we can calculate exact shipping (i'm not out to make money on shipping).

    Yamaha TRB-6P
    Quilted maple top
    Ebony, mahogany and Rosewood Neck
    24 fret - 35" scale neck
    Neck through Body
    dual truss rods
    Piezo Pick-ups in the bridge saddles.
    Active electronics controls include:
    Master volume
    Pick-up blend bridge/neck
    Treble Boost/cut
    Bass Boost/cut
    Blend between main Pick-ups and Piezo Pick-ups
    Yamaha Limited Lifetime Warranty

    feel free to contact me with any questions and interest.

    Michael K.

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