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Mar 7, 2021
Aug 16, 2008
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January 1
Home Page:
Athens Greece
Bass Player

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Male, from Athens Greece

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Mar 7, 2021
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    January 1
    Home Page:
    Athens Greece
    Bass Player
    Current Setup:
    Yamaha trb 6
    Greg Curbow International Exotic Petite 7 string fretless
    Jerzy Drozd Obsession Exellency VI
    STR LS 648
    Cort A5
    Cort GB 5 Custom
    Cort GB 75 JJ
    Bacchus Jiro 4-string
    Bacchus 02 STANDARD 5
    G&L 2500 tribute
    Squier VM 77 Jazz Bass 4
    Squier Precision V
    Line 6 Bass Pod xt Live
    Roland VB-99
    Bugera Veyron-M
    QSC 2450
    Eden 410XLT
    Eden 210XLT
    Favorite Genres:
    Rock Funk Fusion
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Bass player for Konstantinos Argiros
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Yamaha Nathan East
    Warwick Streamer Bolt on 4-string (got stolen)
    Jerzy Drozd Mastery V
    G.A.S. List:
    Fodera AJ Contrabass guitar
    Fodera Imperial 6-string bass
    Influences and Teachers:
    Stanley Clark, Jaco, Marcus Miller, James Jamerson, Steve Harris, Miles Davis, Mike stern, Dave Carpenter, Frank Gambale, Chick Corea etc
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Computers The Internet Movies Running
    The californian-greek-german bass player dude ;-))

    Born and Raised in Munich/Germany where i attended the private greek schools.

    After finishing highschool i enrolled to the Studienkolleg Munich in order to study law at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitaet in Munich.

    Doing that for two semesters i decided to turn into a pro Musician though (a decision who changed my life in an exciting positive way i admit ;-))

    While gigin' in Germany mostly in Stuttgart Frankfurt and Munich i decided to study music in the United States (well as a bass player i think this is the way to go).

    Finally in 1996 i enrolled the 1-year program offered at the Los Angeles Music Academy, www.lamusicacademy.com where i had the opportunity to study learning from people like Dave Carpenter, Alphonso Johnson, Edwin Lucie, Frank Gambale, Jerry Watts, Jeff Richman, Ralph Humphrey, and a lot more Great Musicians ...

    Right now i'm playin' the Bass for Konstantinos Argiros.


    US Cirrus Club member #129

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