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Dec 15, 1993 (Age: 28)
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Male, 28, from London

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    Dec 15, 1993 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    Current Setup:
    Aria Pro II SB-R60 (In Gold sparkle finish with Dimarzio Strap Locks)(Hipshot DeTuner GB7, “Blower” switch to bypass the controls ) 2120446 stainless steel

    Aria pro II A-1910 1970's SG bass (Artec MVH4-CR pickups, push-pull Series/Parallel, Spector tone pump jr with bypass switch, Warwick 2 piece bridge and Wilkinson open gear tuners)(Rotosound tru bass Tapewound strings) 1055808

    Aria Pro II Thor Sound Bass TSB-400 1980 (Made in Matsumoku Factory, with Blower switch push-pull Volume pot) strung with d'addario flatwound strings 078273

    Aria Pro II SB 600 Fretless 1980 (Made in Matsumoku Factory) (Completely stock excluding Dimarzio strap locks)(Rotosound Jazz flatwound strings 40-100) 011017

    Aria Pro II RSB Deluxe In metallic red 1985 (Made in Matsumoku Factory)(Replaced the nut for a brass one, “Blower” switch push-pull Volume pot, Neodymium magnets added to the pickup to improve the output and a Hipshot DeTuner GB7) stainless steel 5020110

    Aria Pro II cat bass (with Hipshot D-Tuner, MEC active pj pickups and brass nut & frets) stainless steel strings 6071325

    Aria STB GT5 (5 string bass, modded with Seymour Duncan MM SMB-5D, single volume and parallel/coil split/series switch, a bone nut and Warwick 2 piece bridge) stainless steel strings YAFH0772

    Aria Pro II IGB 50 (modded with Seymour Duncan SBP3 P pick up and SBJ2 Hot Stack jazz pick up with parallel/coil split/series switch, and a custom passive rotary switch system also with Hipshot gotoh D-tuner, matching gotoh tuners, brass nut, and new bridge. S00011384

    Aria Pro II 5 String white Magna bass MAB-20/5 (Amy) (With Mec Dynamic Correction Passive Jazz Pickups, Hipshot D-tuner and an Aguilar Obp-1 stacked controls with bypass switch, a brass nut and a Warwick 2 piece bridge and a push/pull volume pot for parallel/series switch) stainless steel

    Aria Tab 66 Hollow body bass (with Warwick tuners and blower switch push-pull Volume pot) tape wound d'addario S050610036

    Aria LC500? les Paul (Modded with Artec vintage hot ceramic humbucker set LPC210 with Seymour Duncan Triple Shot pickup ring on the neck pickup for parallel/series and split coil for both pickups, Locking tuners, Shadow Humbucker Frame tuner, schaller stm roller bridge and a duesenberg les trem ii) 058599

    Aria Pro II Sl-DX3 (Modded with Seymour Duncan Quarter pounder Neck Pickup, Seymour Duncan SSL-5 RW/RP, Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker with coil split & Shadow humbucker frame tuner. Ibanez Edge pro Bridge) 7121164

    Aria Pro ii 12 string TA-40 hollow body Guitar 90’s (Modded with Roswell Laf-B4t-CR with Shadow Humbucker Frame tuner, Laf-N4t-CR Roswell LAF Alnico-5 Vintage-Style Humbucker set, Seymour Duncan Triple Shot pickup ring on the neck pickup for parallel/series and split coil for both pickups and Grover rotomatic tuners). 9030035

    Aria Pro II Jet-1(Modded with a Wilkinson MVB tremolo bridge & Kluson MLK6LN Lockheads) 41020131010

    Aria Pro II Urchin U-60T (modded with Fishman Fluence Classic pickups rev 3 &4, Shadow humbucker frame tuner, Kluson MLT33N Locking Modern Round Back Metal Tulip Tuners, Fishman PRO-BPK-FS1) 2070064

    Ashdown 210 ABM Cab with 10" Hartke Hydrive Speakers 500w 8ohm

    Ashdown ABM EVO II 500W RC (Chrome face)

    Alesis Microverb 3 Rack mount

    Behringer btr2000 rack tuner

    Orange Micro Dark

    Dimarzio straps

    Line 6 HX Stomp
    Favorite Genres:
    Pretty much anything but mainly: Metal, Grunge, Punk, Rock
    Gigs and Ensembles:

    Previously Owned Gear:
    Zoom MS 60B

    Behringer midi foot controller fcb1010

    Sanyo Eveloop Pedal Juice

    Dr Green Black Death

    Ovation acoustic bass (Replaced the machine heads for cosmo black gotohs)

    Aria Pro II Avante 4 String Bass AVB-50 (Ava) (With a Bone nut, Kent Armstrong chrome lipstick jazz pick up in the neck position and a Kent Armstrong soap bar in the bridge position, also has had the finish on the sides on the top and a stripe down the middle on the back sanded down to the natural wood also Warwick 2 piece bridge and Hipshot D-tuner also tone pot replaced with a 2 way toggle for parellel /series switch)

    Aria Pro II SLB-2 SLB series electrics (with stock active pre-amp and passive/active switch, TESLA VR-B4 Jazz Pick-up and TESLA VR-B3 P Pick-up and Hipshot D-Tuner (also a black bridge cover)

    Ashdown ABM EVO II 300w Housed in Ashdown MAG C115-300

    Tech 21 Midi Mouse

    Ashdown MAG 410T Deep Cabinet

    Ashdown Rootmaster 15" Cab (Fitted with a Fane GS-e300b elite 300 bass)

    Ashdown Mag Head EV0 I 300W

    Ashdown James LoMenzo HyperDrive (Had to buy another one since I missed it)

    Ashdown CTM 15W

    Ashdown Mibass 2.0 Head

    Ashdown Bass Chorus Plus

    Ashdown Mibass Interface (used as a DI box/Headphone amp mainly)

    Hayden lil mofo 2w tube/valve head

    Dr Green Bearded Lady Fuzz Pedal

    Dunlop Bass Wah 105Q

    Two Notes Le Bass

    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

    M-Audio FireWire 410 Interface

    Samson Airline UHF Bass Wireless (Sold due to lack of use and that i own a 30ft cable i got for free, as well as a 20ft)

    Dimarzio Area J 5 String Bass Pickups (Sold due to vintage voiced output could not compare to my other basses with high output, still amazing pickups that i would highly recommend.)

    Nobels Distortion Special (just kept as backup for guitarists to use)

    Ashdown Sub Octave Plus (Sold due to under use and Zoom MS60B and sub-harmonizer)

    T-rex fuel tank JR (sold due to getting a Sanyo Eveloop pedal juice)

    Korg Pitch black Tuner Pedal (Sold to vocalist in band since he needed better tuner on stage)

    Mooer Bass Sweeper (Envelope pedal)(sold due to getting a Zoom MS60B)

    Dunlop crybaby bass wah GCB-100 (Modified) (sold due to getting a Zoom MS60B)

    Ashdown James LoMenzo HyperDrive (unfortunately friend plugged into a dodgy power supply which went up in smoke and took this with it, now using the zoom ms 60b to help downsize pedal board)

    Ashdown After Eight 15w amp (Sold due to under used)

    Ashdown Superfly amp head 500 watt (sold due to money problems and already having a Mag 300 combo)

    Ibanez Bass synth SB7 (Tone-Lok)

    Ibanez Bass Overdrive (Phat Hed) PD7 (Tone-Lok)

    Ashdown Electric Blue EB 12-180 EVO I Bass Amplifier Combo - 180W (Amazing amp but sold due to getting the superfly and cabs)

    Ibanez GSR 205 (First 5 string)

    Ibanez tuner pedal LU20 (Replaced by the Korg pitch black)

    Behringer bass V amp 2

    Behringer BX600 60w amp

    Yamaha RBX-375 (Sold to get the aria gt5 since the neck on this was too uncomfortable and wasn't as great as expected)

    Lots of ***** pedals i cant remember whilst i was experimenting to get an amazing set up
    Influences and Teachers:
    Les Claypool
    Paul Gray
    Mike Inez
    TM Stevens
    Tony Campos
    Cliff Burton
    Jason Newsted
    Robert Trujillo
    Peter Steele
    Many more
    Hobbies and Interests:
    Video games, building computers, comics, film, tv


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