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Jun 23, 1988 (Age: 29)
Northern Colorado


29, from Northern Colorado

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    Jun 23, 1988 (Age: 29)
    Northern Colorado
    Current Setup:
    Ibanez Silver Series Jazz
    Ibanez SR1200E VNF Premium
    Ibanez SR1200E VNF Premium (B E A D) w/ Big Splits
    Ibanez SR1205E VNF Premium

    Ibanez ARZ400 BK

    Gallien Krueger 700RB-II
    Gallien Krueger Neo 410

    Gallien Krueger MB200
    Gallien Krueger SBX 410

    Darkglass Electronics B3K
    Earthbound Audio Supercollider V.3
    Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Wah
    Korg Pitchblack Tuner (x2)
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    Tempest & the Diaspora
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II
    Tech 21 Landmark 600

    BBE B-Max Bass Preamp

    Gallien Krueger SBX 410
    Tech 21 B 410

    Dean Dime Razorback
    Dean Edge 5
    Dean Metalman 2A V
    ESP LTD TA-200
    Galveston Jazz Acrylic
    Ibanez ATK800E WNF Premium
    Ibanez ATK805E WNF Premium
    Ibanez EXB445 BK
    Ibanez GSR100EX WK
    Ibanez GSR105EX
    Ibanez GSRM20 MPL
    Ibanez K5 OIL
    Ibanez SR5005E OL Prestige
    Ibanez SRX4EX1 BKF
    Ibanez SRXHRG1
    Musicman SUB 4 Black
    Peavey Milestone IV Fretless P
    Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 Vampyre Red Satin

    3xFx Fatman V2
    Acousitic Imaginearing QuantumDrive
    Aguilar Agro
    Alien Hate Fuzz (x2)
    AMT Communist Pig
    AMT EQ-7B
    Analogman Mini Chorus w/ Deep Mod
    Ashdown Hyperdrive
    Barber Dirty Bomb
    Barber Half Gainer
    Barge Concepts VFB-2
    BBE Mind Bender
    Blackout Effectors Musket V.2
    Boomstick Bottom Feeder
    Boss BF-3 Flanger
    Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
    Boss DS-1 Distortion
    Boss GE-7B Bass Eq
    Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive (x2)
    Boss PS-6 Harmonist (x2)
    Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
    Danelectro FAB Chorus
    Danelectro FAB Echo
    Danelectro FAB Overdrive
    Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B3K
    Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K
    Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive (Humphrey Bass Mod)
    Digitech Bass Driver
    Digitech Bass Multi Chorus
    Digitech Bass Synth Wah (x3)
    Digitech BP50
    Digitech Death Metal
    Digitech Digidelay
    Digitech Digiverb
    Digitech Hyperphase
    Digitech The Weapon
    Digitech Turbo Flange
    Dredgetone Bass Angler
    Dunlop 105Q Bass Crybaby Wah (x3)
    Earthbound Audio Supercollider V.2
    Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter
    EBS Metaldrive (x2)
    EBS Unichorus
    Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff Pi
    Electro Harmonix Bassballs Nano
    Electro Harmonix Freeze
    Electro Harmonix Killswitch
    Electro Harmonix Knockout (x2)
    Electro Harmonix Russian Big Muff
    Electro Harmonix Steel Leather (x2)
    Electro Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress
    Electronix Submarine
    Electronix Submarine Designer
    Ernie Ball VP JR 25K (x2)
    Eventide Modfactor (x2)
    Fromel Seraph Chorus (Sauron)
    GigRig Wet Box (x2)
    GigRig Wet Box Expression Pedal
    Guyatone MD-3 Delay
    Hao Rust Ride Bass Driver
    Hardwire (Digitech) CR-7 Chorus
    Hardwire (Digitech) DL-8 Delay
    Hardwire (Digitech) HT-2 Tuner
    Heavy Electronics El Oso
    Homebrew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser
    Ibanez BC-5 Bass Chorus
    Ibanez CF-7 Chorus/Flanger
    Ibanez PD-7 Phat Head Bass Overdrive (x2)
    Ibanez SB-7 Synthesizer Bass (x2)
    Ibanez WD-7 Weeping Demon Wah (x3)
    Iron Ether Frantabit
    Iron Ether Oxide
    Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe
    ISP Decimator (x2)
    Landmine Distortion
    Line 6 M5 (x2)
    Line 6 M9
    Line 6 Uber Metal
    MarkBass Super Pro DI
    Markbass Super Synth
    McSpunckle Gnomeratron VTF
    MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe
    Moog EP-2 Expression
    Morley Dual Bass Wah
    Morley Mini Volume
    Morley TM Stevens Fonk Wah
    MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
    MXR Black Label Chorus (x2)
    MXR Flanger
    MXR M-80 Bass DI
    MXR M-109 6 Band EQ (x2)
    Ohnoho Chk Chk Boom
    Plutoneium Bass Chi Wah Wah
    Protone Buzzard
    Protone Phaser
    Protone Raven Dirty Chorus
    Radial JDI
    Robot Factory Tentacle Love Super Fuzz (BassFuzz.com Prototype)
    Rocktron Black Cat Wah
    Rocktron Nitro Boost
    Roland EV-5
    Sanford & Sonny Bluebeard Fuzz
    Smallsound/Bigsound Team Awesome Fuzz Machine
    Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter
    Source Audio Multiwave Bass Distortion
    Source Audio Wireless Hot Hand
    TC Electronic Nova Modulator (x2)
    TC Electronic Nova Repeater (x2)
    Tech 21 Red Ripper
    Tech 21 VT Bass (x2)
    Tech 21 XXL Bass (Clean Blend Modded)
    This1smyne AUX Switch Eventide
    This1smyne Mini Expression Pedal
    Tone In Progress (T.I.P.) 3rd Hand
    Tronographic Rusty Box
    VFE Pedals Blueprint Delay
    VFE Pedals Choral Reef Chorus
    VFE Pedals Killer Rabbit (x2)
    VFE Pedals Rocket EQ
    VFE Pedals Yellow Submarine Tremolo (x2)
    Way Huge (Dunlop) Ringworm
    Way Huge (Dunlop) Swollen Pickle
    Wounded Paw Attack Goat
    Wounded Paw Blender
    Wounded Paw P90 Phaser
    Wren & Cuff Pickle Pie B (x2)
    Xotic Bass BB
    Xotic X-Blender
    Zoom B2
    Zoom B2.1u
    Zoom B3
    Zoom FP02
    Zvex Machine
    G.A.S. List:
    Ibanez ICB300EX White
    Ibanez RD650 Red/Black
    Influences and Teachers: