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Mar 27, 1986 (Age: 36)
Home Page:
Active Duty USAF

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Male, 36, from Pittsburgh

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    Mar 27, 1986 (Age: 36)
    Home Page:
    Active Duty USAF
    Current Setup:
    Lakland 55-14 relic finish
    Lakland Skyline Hobo30
    Fender Custom Shop 61 Jazz
    Fender Custom Shop 59 P
    Gibson Midtown bass
    Godin Dorchester
    Ernie Ball Musicman Classic Sabre
    G&L CLF L-1000
    Burretone P bass
    Boulder Creek Acoustic
    Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe Thinline 5
    Warmoth 32 in scale

    GK Legacy800 4x10 combo
    Hartke 508 combo
    Ampeg Rocket 210
    Favorite Genres:
    jazz, soul, r&b, funk
    Gigs and Ensembles:
    The Collective; Royce Band; Sonny Boy; The Wire Riots; various session and film scores.
    Previously Owned Gear:
    Reverend Triad
    Gold Tone PBB-400
    Scar Guitars custom build
    G&L Fullerton Deluxe LB-100
    Warwick Pro (Korean) Series Star Bass
    Godin A5 Ultra fretless
    67 Gibson EB2
    Lakland Skyline 55-02 LTD
    Lakland Skyline 55-02 fretless
    Lakland Skyline J Sonic 5 fretless
    Lakland Skyline 55-02 Satin
    G&L Fullerton DLX JB
    Lakland Skyline hollowbody 34
    Lakland Skyline 55-64 LOG
    Lakland Skyline Jerry Scheff
    Offbeat Priscilla
    Parts jazz
    early 80s Washburn SB-4
    Ibanez Portamento 5
    Fender parts build fretless
    D Taylor custom build
    Guild Starfire I
    Musicman Stingray Special
    Lakland Skyline 55-60 Custom
    Conklin GT Rocco Prestia Signature
    Fender American Pro II Precision
    Schecter Corsair
    Warwick Triumph Lite
    Yamaha BB735A
    Reverend Justice
    Sterling by MM Ray 24
    Lakland Skyline 44-60
    1983 Washburn P Bass
    Ibanez TMB 100
    Sandberg Classic TM-4
    Fender Vintera 50s Precision
    Reverend Meshell N’degeocello Fellowship
    Lakland Skyline 55-01 modded
    Lakland HOBO 30 in scale
    FGN expert Jazz
    Epiphone Allen Woody
    Epiphone Jack Casady
    Gibson Midtown
    ESP LTD RB-1005SM Rocco Prestia
    Yamaha BB734A
    Ibanez TMB100
    Lakland J Sonic 5 red
    Lakland 44-64 LTD
    Ibanez Portamento fretless 5
    Lakland Skyline 55-60
    G&L Tribute LB100
    Yamaha BB735A
    Fender American Pro Jazz (2019)
    Fender MIJ 75 Jazz Bass (1990)
    '54 Warmoth build P
    Reverend Phatfish 32 (Brad Houser sig)
    Yamaha BB734A
    ESP LTD RB-1004x3
    ESP LTD RB-1005
    Godin Shifter 5
    Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro
    Schecter CV5
    Lakland US 44-60 gold/rosewood
    Lakland US 44-14 natural/rosewood
    Lakland US 55-14 sunburst/rosewood
    Lakland Skyline Decade cherry/rosewood
    Fender American Professional Jazz
    Fender American STD Precision
    Gibson Midtown bass
    Ibanez ATK fretless
    Taylor GS Mini Bass
    Lakland Skyline 55-02 LTD
    Lakland Skyline J Sonic 5
    Lakland Skyline LOG 55-64
    Lakland Skyline 55-60
    Le Duc Saxon Belle Isle 5 string fretless
    Lakland Skyline 55-02 Custom
    Amahi Bass UKE
    G&L US JB-2 fretless
    Lakland Skyline Decade
    Lakland Skyline 55-01
    Ibanez Portamento fretless
    Gould i4
    Parts build Precision
    Gold Tone MB 23 solid body
    Lakland US 44-60
    Fender Rascal
    Musicman Classic Sabre with Status Graphite neck
    Bacchus WL-JB ASH4
    Electra Phoenix RI bass
    Peavey G bass (Modulus graphite neck)
    ESP LTD RB1004
    Yamaha TRBX504 x 2
    Schecter Baron H
    Fender Japan 51 Precision Reissue
    Dean Stylist
    Reverend Dub King x 3
    Warmoth fretless Precision
    Warwick RB Star II
    Reverend Decision x 3
    Reverend Justice
    Godin A5 Ultra Fretless
    Lakland Skyline 55-60
    Lakland 55-02 fretless
    Lakland Skyline Decade
    Eastwood Classic 4
    Waterstone Meaden fretless
    Warwick Pro Series Star
    Reverend Meshell Ndegeocello Fellowship
    Epiphone Jack Casady
    Lakland Skyline 44-51 x 2
    Lakland Skyline hollowbody 30
    Lakland Skyline 44-64 LTD
    Self-Designed Fretless from Augustas Guitars
    G&L USA Jazz
    Warwick German Thumb NT 6
    Gamma Jazz Bass
    Fender Kingman acoustic
    Musicman Stingray Classic 5
    Peavey Foundation fretless
    Fender Mike Dirnt Precision
    89 Pedulla Buzz fretless (shouldve kept this one)
    Hofner Verythin re-issue
    Kay Jazz Special re-issue
    Modulus Flea Bass FBJ5
    Modulus Flea Bass FB4
    Modulus VJ Active (shouldve kept)
    Fender Marcus Miller 5 x 2
    Fender Marcus Miller 4 x 2
    Fender Victor Bailey 5 string x 2
    Schecter Stiletto Studio 5
    Fender American Standard Jazz x 4
    Fender American Standard Precision x 2
    Musicman Stingray 4 H
    Fender Road Worn Jazz x 2
    G&L L2000 (USA)
    G&L L2000 (Tribute)
    G&L L2500 (Tribute)
    Michael Kelly Acoustic 5 Fretless
    Fender Mexi Deluxe 5 Jazz
    Musicman Bongo 6
    Musicman Bongo 4
    Conklin Groove Tools 4
    Warwick Corvette Proline 4
    Dean Edge Q4B
    Dean Edge I

    Mesa WD800 and Avatar 2x10 & 2X12 cabs
    Mesa Vintage Powerhouse 410
    Phil Jones B800
    Phil Jones Bass Cub
    Phil Jones C9
    Phil Jones suitcase
    Phil Jones C4
    Ampeg BA210
    Hartke LH1000
    Hartke HD410
    Schroeder 2x8 1x12
    Aguilar TH700
    Aguilar TH500
    Aguilar SL410 cab
    Carvin BRX500/VBoutique VGroove112s
    Genzler Mag 800/Mag 212 cab (1)
    Genzler Mag 800/Bass Array 2x10 cabs (3)
    Crate BA-100 (my first amp!)
    Bergantino 6x10 cab
    Genz Benz 750 head 410 Uber cab
    Carvin RB1200 and XR 410 cab
    Ashdown 350 and Ashdown 410 cab
    Peavey Touring 700 and Peavey Touring 810 cab
    Orange Crush 250
    Carvin Microstack
    Ampeg Microstack
    GK Backline 2X10, 1X15
    Mesa M6 Carbine 2X12 combo
    Ampeg Portaflex 500
    Carvin B1000 10.2 Micro stack
    Mills Custom Compass w/ matching 6x10 cab
    Aguilar Tonehammer 500
    Carvin BRX500 2 MB115 cabs
    Mills Custom 2X15 cab
    Carvin Power amps
    Carvin BRX10.2 cab
    Hartke LH500 and 2 1X12 Hydrive cabs
    Hartke HD75
    Roland Cube
    Carvin B1000/BRX 10.2
    G.A.S. List:
    Serek Lincoln, G&L JB
    Influences and Teachers:
    James Jamerson
    Pino Palladino
    Bob Babbitt
    Rocco Prestia
    Mike Merritt
    Nathan East
    Lee Sklar
    Hobbies and Interests:
    sports, fishing, landscaping, cars etc etc etc
    Commercial User?:
    • Yes
    MJC Ironworks


    LOG #475
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